How To Safe Use The Powerful Laser Pointer?

There are several safety tips you should take into consideration after you purchase a laser pointer. The laser beams can be harmful if not handled well. It is necessary for you to start by reading the labels of the laser pointers so that you will know how you are supposed to handle them. Most reputable manufacturers of the laser pointers will provide clear instructions on how you are expected to apply the laser pointers. Always follow the instructions provided on how to apply the laser pointers so that you can avoid cases where you will buy a pointer which will fail to serve your purpose of buying but expose you to safety risk.

Safety tips when using a powerful laser pointer

  1. Always use laser pointers with labels


All laser pointers come with labels indicating their wattage and wavelength. Different wavelengths can be applied for various reasons. If you buy a pointer which does not indicate the wavelength, then it is hard for you to know the precaution you should take when applying such a pointer. You may even end up using the pointer in an application where it is not supposed to be applied. Always discard laser pointers which come with labels or whose labels have been peeled off. You may guess on the wattage and wavelength only to cause damage to your device or even your skin if it comes into contact with the skin.

2.Avoid pointing laser beams at faces or eyes

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Powerful lasers can damage your retina and the eye in general. The more the exposure of the laser beam to your eyes, the more the damage it can cause to your eyes. To avoid cases where you will hurt your eyes, you should always avoid pointing the lasers directly to your eyes. A powerful laser beam with more than 500 milliwatts, can be dangerous to your eyes. It can cause permanent damage to your eyes. The laser beams are helpful in different applications. It is always necessary for you to handle them with care so that you can avoid accidents.

3.Avoid pointing powerful laser pointers at aircraft

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You can be arrested for pointing a laser beam at an aircraft. Any crew of an airplane who sees a laser pointed at his plane will stop taking off of the plane because it can indicate a gun which has been aimed at the aircraft. It is always necessary for you to avoid at all cases pointing a laser beam even the one with low power. A low powered laser beam can travel over a distance of 2.2 miles before it can fade off. The distance is long enough to cause panic to aircrew which can lead to accidents. If you direct a laser beam to the pilot, it can cause temporary blindness which can inconvenience the pilot in making the right judgment so that he can fly the airplane professionally.

4.Don’t direct powerful Laser Pointers at Automobiles

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A car at high speed needs careful control of wheels. Any slight jerk of the wheel will make the vehicle ramp into trenches. A powerful laser beam can interfere with the judgment of the driver which can lead to road accidents. If you are using a laser pointer near a road, it is always necessary for you to avoid pointing the laser to the drivers at all costs. You can end up being charged in the court for interfering with the driver which can lead to accidents.

5.Avoid Holding a Laser Beam on the Skin



If you hold a powerful laser pointer to the skin, it can easily result in complications. If you can hold a laser of 200 to 300 milliwatts directly to your skin for some time, you will feel the pain. With a 500 milliwatts, you will start feeling a burning sensation. It is hard to acquire a laser beam with high power to cause damage to your skin, but if you make an order, you can have such a pointer. Always avoid too much exposure to your skin because it can lead to health complications on your skin.

6.Avoid Pointing at Unidentified Objects when Astronomy Pointing

In most cases, the powerful laser pointers are used to identify astronomical objects. If you are pointing at stars, you should carry out background assessments and confirm it if it is a star. Sometimes aircraft can move at slow speed especially when moving towards the observer. Pointing at such objects rather than stars can lead to accidents. You should as well avoid pointing at a given object for too long which can result in interfering with the objects if it happens the objects you are pointing at are not stars. A green beam travels long hence it is the most appropriate if you are pointing at distant objects such as stars.

  • Powerful laser pointer should not be aimed at animals for any reason

Many people enjoy shining laser beams at the animals such as pets so that they can follow them. But, you should be careful when playing with your animal using a powerful laser pointer because it can easily shine into the eye of the animal which will lead to blindness. It is necessary for you to look for other ways of pointing at your pet instead of using a laser beam which can pose the danger of accidents when playing with your pet. There is a tendency where people use the laser beams to point at wild animals as a way of scattering them. You should avoid pointing the laser beams to animals such as birds because it can easily land on their eyes which will lead to temporary blindness.

  • You should not Give Laser Pointers to Children

It is dangerous for you to give your children laser pointers as gifts. They can shine the beams at their own eyes. The devices are small; some curious kids can end up swallowing them. When playing, they can as well end up pointing the laser beams at the eyes of each other. You may end up realizing they have injured themselves. Always avoid giving unsupervised children the devices.